Double Saber Names Parsed

For the Chinese, I am using the Absolute Tai Chi list (note one typo in move 16, chang for chao). For the English I am using that list but also referring to the translations in Master Tzu’s instructional videos and the MDBG online Chinese dictionary. In brackets, I am connecting to the informal descriptive names we’ve been using in class.

Qi Shi – Preparing form
Quan Wu Hua Chao Yang Dao – Full circle of flowers, Salute the Sun
Qie San Dao Chao Yang – Three cuts, Salute the Sun [3x jump to kneeling, turn around]
Yi Dao Yue Bu – One Cut Jump Forward [turn around, cross blades]
Shang San Dao – Step up with Three Cuts [3x chop on left; cuisinart]
Yan Bie Jin Chi – Swallow/Goose Spreads its Golden Wings [stab both dao on left]
Gu Yan Chu Quan – Lone Swallow/Goose Leaves the Flock [fajin with R dao]
Yi Dao Chao Yang – One Cut Salute the Sun [over the shoulder turn around/reset]
Zuo/You Cha Hua – Left/Right Arrange Flowers [monkey hops]
Hu Die Xi Shui – Butterfly Drinks Water [turn around, 3-cut left and double stab overhead]
Zuo/You Cha Hua – Left/Right Arrange Flowers [monkey hops]
Fu Hu – Tame the Tiger [turn around, 3-cut left, stomp R and cross blades]
Yi Dao Chao Yang – One Cut Salute the Sun [over the shoulder, turn around/reset]
Zhong Kui Zhang Jian – Zhong Kui Wields his Sword [jump L/R to snap blade]
Gu Shu Pan Gen – Uproot the Old Tree [360 turn, cross-step and double chop]
Fan Shen Kan – Turn Body and Cut [jump around to double chop]
Yi Dao Chao Yang – One Cut Salute the Sun [over the shoulder, turn around/reset]
Zuo Jiao Xiang – Left Stir the Top [180 degrees, double chops]
You Jiao Xiang – Right Stir the Top [1.5 turns, double chops]
Liang Dao Chao Yang – Two Cuts Salute the Sun [retreat L/R, turn around]
Liang Dao Zuo Zhuan Xiang – Two Cuts Left Rotation [Bagua Walking left]
You Zhuan Xiang – Right Rotation [Bagua Walking to the right]
Ba Wang Ju Ding – Ba Wang Lifts the Ding (= 3-legged urn) [stamp R and cross blades]
Luo Han Xiang Long – Luo Han Subdues the Dragon [double stab overhead left]
You/Zuo Pian Ma Dao – Left/Right Cut the Horse [fen jiao (toe kick) right and left]
Bai She Tu Xin – White Snake Spits its Tongue [turn around/ reset and snap blade]
Zuo/You Pu – Left/Right Pounce/Attack [Snap blades 1-2]
Shang Bu Qi Xing – Step Up Seven Stars [Turn around to face opposite way]
Xia Bu Kua Hu – Step Down to Ride the Tiger [Turn around to face opposite way]
Yi Dao Xia Shi – One Cut Downwards [repeat Quan Wu Hua then chop down left]
Shou Shi

I needed both Master Tzu (second video of two) and the Chen Zhenglai video to parse the last few names, but I think I’ve got it right. Names, at least. I’m not sure we are doing Shang Bu Qi Xing or Xia Bu Kua Hu quite the way these two masters are doing them, or that those two are doing the same thing as each other. I think not?

Then, where we repeat Quan Wu Hua, Masters Tzu and Chen are doing something different (talking about Yi Dao Xia Shi)–I haven’t figured out what! See ca. 25:00-30:00 on Master Tzu’s second video. But again, there are a lot of discrepancies, throughout, between these two versions and between both of them and ours, which is essentially Cheng Jincai’s (I think). This seems always to be the case with traditional forms. Makes me appreciate the standardization movement.

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