Applications for sword

There are thirteen techniques for swordplay. I have found several versions of the list, including:


Above, Amin Wu is doing 32-sword, and this is dian jian: point sword. Here’s the list

  1. 点: Dian – point
  2. 刺: Ci – stab
  3. 带: Dai – carry
  4. 劈: Pi – chop
  5. 抽: Chou – pull out
  6. 提: Ti – lift
  7. 击: Ji – hit
  8. 格: Ge – block
  9. 洗: Xi – clear off
  10. 绷: Beng – split
  11. 绞: Jiao – stir
  12. 压: Ya – press
  13. 截: Jie – intercept

The first seven are exemplified in 32-sword. Master Zhang (first link above) provides good descriptions of how all of them work as applications of sword forms. I am wondering how liao, gua, and sao fit in. Also, is lan just a synonym for ge or jie?

From Tao of Tai Chi, I’ve also found a list of techniques for the Tai chi broadsword: upper cut, under cut, cross cut, chop, split, lift, stab, block, pull coiling, push, intercept and parry.

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