Nei Kung

Nei Kung means internal work. Ten postures and exercises are specifically designed to build the strength and flexibility needed for Tai Chi. Master Gohring uses the Nei Kung set to help beginning Tai Chi students get up to speed in their physical conditioning. More advanced students benefit from regular practice as well.

The primary sourcebook for CK Chu's Nei Kung system

The primary source book for study of Nei Kung.

Nei Kung was created by Grandmaster CK Chu (1937-2013) as part of his Eternal Spring system for health, self-defense and meditation. His book (above) describes the ten postures in detail with excellent illustrations. Master Gohring offers video demonstration and instruction of all the postures.

Then ten postures and video links are:

  1. Embracing Horse
  2. Ride the Wild Horse (includes general discussion of Nei Kung by Master Gohring)
  3. Playing Guitar
  4. The Compass
  5. Double Dragons Leap from Sea
  6. Rhinoceros Gazes at the Moon
  7. Ride the Tiger (Additional demo)
  8. Phoenix Spreads Wings
  9. Hit the Tiger (On the cover of CK Chu’s book above!)
  10. Owl Turns His Head

The eight important points for Nei Kung are listed below. The ten postures and eight important points are on both the first and second degree black sash tests. Repetitions and durations of postures for beginning, intermediate and advanced students can be found in the book. For the black sash test, we are required to hold Embracing Horse for 20 minutes.

  1. Head suspended
  2. Toes in, knees out, pelvis tucked under
  3. Chest concave
  4. Body rounded
  5. Shoulders and elbows down
  6. Waist loose
  7. Kua (hip joints) loose
  8. Deep breathing

Additional video can be found on Master Gohring’s YouTube Channel.

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