Yang Applications

For the black sash, both first and second degree, we are tested on self-defense applications of the Yang 108. The list and applications may vary slightly from year to year. This is the list for 2014 (as far as I know! I may be in for a surprise).


  1. Ward-off right/left: RIGHT punch. Pivot on right heel to get out of the way of the blow while blocking with the right arm. This is a yielding ward-off. Then step into the attacker with a left blocking blow to the body. [Note: weight on left leg; adjust right foot position as needed.]
  2. Grasp the bird’s tail: RIGHT punch followed by left, then by two-handed rush. Step in to block with the right arm while the left hand checks the elbow. Block left punch with left and pull the attacker past you. Press back on the left shoulder. [Note: be prepared to step back with the left foot.] The attacker comes straight on, arms outstretched. Block the arms apart from inside and push the attacker away. [Note: let the ugi come in close enough to get a good push with the legs.]
  3. Single whip: LEFT punch. Deflect and send the attacker past you by shifting to the left foot, and grabbing the left wrist with the left hand. Transfer the wrist to the right hand and shift back to the right (whipping the ugi around). Step into a chop to the neck with the left hand. [Note: ugi should protect the neck, as this can easily be a very sharp blow.]
  4. Lift hands: RIGHT punch. Block with the right, check the elbow down with the left and strike the chin with the right hand while shifting some weight onto the right heel. [Note: start with weight on the left foot; right foot makes the kick stand.]
  5. White crane: RIGHT punch and kick. Block the kick down with the left hand, blosk the punch up with the right.
  6. Brush knee push: BOTH sides. Block a right punch with the left hand and/or left punch with the right hand. Step forward on the side of a block and push the attacker back with the other hand. [Note: step in with the block on the same side as the punch; i.e., block a left with the right, right with left to expose the chest.]
  7. Playing guitar: RIGHT punch. Step back on the right foot, out of reach. Strike the elbow with the left and the forearm with the right while shifting forward onto left heel. [Note: be prepared to step back more or less, depending on the reach of the punch. Strike above the elbow when sparring to avoid injuring the ugi’s elbow.]
  8. Step forward, deflect etc: RIGHT punch. Block a punch with the right arm while checking the shoulder with the left, step in and punch to the body. [Note: weight on left, T-step onto right. Step left into punch.]
  9. Embrace tiger return to mountain: RIGHT kick. A right kick is aimed at the body from behind right. The right arm catches the leg and holds it up until the ugi can be pushed away with the left.
  10. Fist under elbow: LEFT punch. Block the punch with the left, grab and pull the left wrist. Strike with beak/wrist in the back of the head (middle of back when sparring). Simultaneously hammer punch with the right fist and stomp behind the left knee to take the ugi down. Pull the left wrist up with the left hand and force the shoulder down with the right, transferring the weight to the right foot. Lean forward onto the left heel to complete the arm bar. [Note: take a little time to get all the component moves in place. Start with weight on the right foot. After stomping, step inside with the right. Don’t forget to step forward onto the heel of the left foot when cranking the arm.]
  11. Repulse monkeys: BOTH sides. Catch a left-leading punch with the left, twist and pull up while turning to the left and forcing the shoulder down with the right. Catch a right punch with the right, turn to the right, twist and push down with the left. [Note: be sure to sink rather than bending over.]
  12. Slant flying: LEFT punch. Block with the left, grab the left wrist with the left hand and pull down while stepping right behind the attacker’s left foot. From under the ugi’s left shoulder, lift the right arm to throw the ugi over your back. [Note: step well in with the right to get leverage. Start with weight in the left.]
  13. Needle at sea bottom: RIGHT handed grab on the right wrist. Trap the ugi’s hand with the left. Turn the right palm to your face, then to his face and down. [Note: This works best if the movement with the right hand is circular (clockwise) and ends up pointing down.]
  14. Fan through back: LEFT punch. Block the punch with the right hand and step into a blow with the heel of the hand into the chin or face. This movement follows Needle at Sea Bottom, so the starting position is somewhat bent over. [Note: ugi should protect the face.]
  15. Cloud hands: BOTH sides. Block a right punch with the right arm, stepping left and checking the elbow with the left hand. Block a left punch with the left arm, closing with the right foot. Yield (lu) when warding off the right; turn into the left punch with peng.
  16. High pat on horse: RIGHT punch. Hook the punch aside with the left and chop into the neck with the right. [Note: start with weight on the right and don’t forget the cat stance with the left.]
  17. Heel kick: LEFT punch. Block the punch with the left hand and push the ugi with the heel. [Note: start with weight on the left foot and place the right at optimum distance before starting the kick. May hold on briefly with the blocking arm for balance.]
  18. Four corners: BOTH sides. Block with the right against a right punch from behind; block with the left against a left punch from in front. One hand blocks, the other pushes (or strikes under the chin).
  19. Snake creeps down/Golden rooster: RIGHT punch deep. Block down and out with the left and circle back up to the ugi’s right shoulder. With the ugi’s right arm pinned, bring the right elbow down on the ugi’s head while simultaneously kneeing him with the right leg.
  20. Step back ride the tiger: RIGHT kick. Crossed wrists strike down to deflect and catch the kick. Right chop to the neck. [Note: start with weight on the left, step back with the right. Go to left cat stance with the chop. Ugi should protect the neck.]
  21. Sweep the lotus: RIGHT punch. Block with the right hand and transfer to left while pivoting on the right heel heel. Step all the way around and plant the left foot. Coming out of the full turn, contact the ugi with the right hand while crescent-kicking in the back (of the head in theory; middle of the back in practice). [Note: weight is on the right foot to start, as if from Ride the Tiger, but shift onto the left foot with the block. Be careful about the distance of the step back with the left.]

Notes for Ugi: Protect for Single Whip, Lift Hands, Fan Through Back, High Pat, and Ride the Tiger (all blows to the neck or face). Be prepared to:

  1. Ward-off R/L: Right punch
  2. Grasp the bird’s tail: Right then left punch, then rush
  3. Single whip: Left punch
  4. Lift hands: Right punch
  5. White crane: Right punch/kick
  6. Brush knee push: BOTH sides
  7. Playing guitar: Right punch
  8. Step forward etc: Right punch
  9. Embrace tiger: Right kick
  10. Fist under elbow: Left punch
  11. Repulse monkeys: BOTH sides
  12. Slant Flying: Left punch
  13. Needle at sea bottom: Grab R w/ R
  14. Fan thru back: Left punch
  15. Cloud hands: BOTH sides
  16. High Pat: Right punch
  17. Heel kick: Left punch
  18. Four corners: Both sides (R behind)
  19. Snake creeps: Deep right punch
  20. Ride the tiger: Right kick
  21. Sweep the lotus: Right punch

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